Acnologia Armor


Marianne Lamperouge[1]
Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker[2]

Acnologia Armor is a special armor said to be based on the essence of Acnologia himself.[1]


The story behind this armor dates back ages ago, when an unknown mage managed to capture an essence, specifically the sound emitted from Acnologia. Thus having a small piece of the Black Dragon's power, the mage underwent some research on how to craft a potent armor enchanted with the dragon's essence, but he died of natural causes before he was able to fulfill his dream. However, some time later, the very mage's friend eventually stumbled upon the bottle and his research notes, carrying on his friend's plan and finally constructing what is now known as the Acnologia's Armor.[1]


Acnologia's Armor takes form of a heavy plate armor, black in color and endowed with blue trim. The user also dons a black silk cape.[1]


Usage of Acnologia's Abilities: As the name of the armor suggests, this armor allows the user to utilise some of Acnologia's abilities, most notably his Dragon's Roar.[1]


  • Acnologia's Essence Howl: By the motion of their sword, the user creates a massive shockwave, said to be stronger than any type of roar a Dragon Slayer could possess.[1]


Sword of Acnologia's Roar: The armor comes with a yellow, double-edged greatsword, having runes engraved on it, reading "ACNOLOGIA".[1]

Shield of Acnologia's Roar: Accompanying the offence of the greatsword comes a defence of a peculiarly designed shield, with its v-shaped pattern and general appearance resembling a pair of outspread dragon wings.[1]


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