As a story, Fairy Without Wings is divided into several thematic units (i.e. arcs), all of which are further divided into chapters that make them as a whole to begin with.

Below is the list of all the current arcs in the story:

Introductory Arc

A mage named Kallen Kozuki meets Lelouch Lamperouge, eventually become a member of the latter's guild, Knightmare Frame, whereafter Kallen goes on to learn how to properly utilise her seemingly uncontrollable Radiation Magic via Lelouch and Mirajane's guidance.

Knightmare Frame Arc

Knightmare Frame comes across trouble with Omega Sphere, with the mages quickly defeating the members of the latter guild shortly after. Along with that, Kallen, as a part of Knightmare Frame, encounters problems with Iron Star, one of the guilds she was kicked out of. She eventually reaches her boiling point once Iron Star members provoke her enough for her to transform into a Demon, going on an unwilling rampage until she is saved by Cornelia Heurassein and Nonette Enneagram.

Sylvas Arc

Cornelia, her sister Euphemia and Nonette visit the grave of Estellise Heurassein, a deceased sibling of Cornelia and Euphemia who died 12 years ago. Cornelia recollects her past in her homeland of Sylvas, and once she and Nonette are found later, Cornelia decides to return to Sylvas, albeit with her friends from Knightmare Frame, in order to confront her past.


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