Armor of the Void


Marianne Lamperouge[1]
Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker[2]

Armor of the Void is a potent armor known for its ability to completely nullify the power of any type of elemental magic.[1]


All that is known about this armor is that it once belonged to Marianne's mother, given to her by the former's father.[1]


The armor itself is quite heavy, but remarkably, the user feels light inside it, described as though being moving through vacuum.[1]


Resistance to Elemental Magic: If the user carries the armor as well as the shield and the blade that come with it, any elemental magic's power will have absolutely no effect on them.[1]


Blade: If consistently charged with the user's magic, the armor's blade can slash through any magical defence.[1]

Shield: Aside from its infamous ability to drain magic power if made contact with, the shield also nullifies attacks used with less than five percent of the user's maximum magic power.[1]


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