Naval Battle is the fifth and penultimate event of the Grand Magic Games of X791.




Team Participants Placement Points Total
Team Fairy Tail B Bisca Connell & Sindel Nebilim 1st 15 pts 56 pts
Team Fighting Spirit Chandra Graymare & Shimon Ikari 2nd 12 pts 35 pts
Team Fairy Tail A Lisanna Strauss & Lucy Heartfilia 3rd 10 pts 72 pts
Team Knightmare Frame A Wendy Marvell & Naomi Inoue 4th 8 pts 77 pts
Team Mermaid Heel Tamara Tazzaret & Millianna 5th 7 pts 57 pts
Team Phoenix Grave Legretta Viola Lionelle Upton & Jiang Lihua 6th 6 pts 67 pts
Team Sabertooth Orga Nanagear & Yukino Agria 7th 5 pts 69 pts
Team Kraken's Eye Ashley Aurora & Leana Verundum 8th 4 pts 37 pts
Team Philosopher's Stone Ushiorra Vermilion & Monica Kruszewski 9th 3 pts 29 pts
Team Lamia Scale Chelia Blendy & Lyon Vastia 10th 2 pts 27 pts
Team Knightmare Frame B Kaguya Sumeragi & Amy Cobalt 11th 1 pt 26 pts
Team Serpent's Heart Meredy Diancia Feathermane & Flare Corona 12th 0 pts 53 pts