Celestial Spirits are sentient, magically capable beings that typically reside within the Celestial Spirit World. Each spirit has a key that exist within the Human world that can be used by mages to summon and make a contract with.


Celestial Spirit World



Known Celestial Spirits

Name Title Key Owner Status
Celestial Spirit KingKing of Celestial SpiritsN/AN/AActive
CassiopeiaQueen of Celestial SpiritsGalaxia BladeHisui E. FioreActive
LeoThe LionGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
AquariusThe Water-BearerGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
VirgoThe VirginGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
GeminiThe TwinsGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
SagittariusThe ArcherGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
ScorpioThe ScorpionGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
AriesThe RamGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
TaurusThe Golden BullGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
CancerThe Giant CrabGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
CapricornThe GoatGoldLucy HeartfiliaActive
LibraThe Heavenly ScalesGoldYukino AgriaActive
PiscesThe Paired FishGoldYukino AgriaActive
OphiuchusThe Snake CharmerBlackYukino AgriaActive
PlueThe Canis MinorSilverLucy HeartfiliaActive
HorologiumThe ClockSilverLucy HeartfiliaActive
PheThe PhoenixSilverLucy HeartfiliaActive
CruxThe Southern CrossSilverLucy HeartfiliaActive
LyraThe LyreSilverLucy HeartfiliaActive
CaelumThe ChiselSilverUnknownActive
VulThe VixenSilverYukino AgriaActive
DenebThe SwanSilverYukino AgriaActive
PolarisThe Bear CubSilverYukino AgriaActive
AquilaThe EagleSilverYukino AgriaActive
LacertaThe LizardSilverYukino AgriaActive
CetusThe Ruler of the SeasSilverYukino AgriaActive
DubheThe Bear QueenSilverHisui E. FioreActive
OrionThe HunterSilverHisui E. FioreActive
PegasusThe Winged MareSilverHisui E. FioreActive
ThubanThe DragonSilverHisui E. FioreActive