The Girl as Pure as Driven Snow


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In this world there's nothing more precious than that of loyal siblings.
— Cornelia Heurassein

The Girl as Pure as Driven Snow is the 10th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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On July 8th, Cornelia, along with Nonette and Euphemia, leaves for the Magnolia cemetery, paying a visit to her older deceased sister, Estellise. Eventually, this prompts Cornelia to recollect her time in Sylvas 12 years ago, when she was rebellious as opposed to Estellise's obedience to her parents. As the oldest sister later became engaged to Geki, Cornelia showed a clear disgust towards him, completely aware of his deceitful motives. She then further remembers how she became friends with Nonette, and how she got to know the members of Meteor Wing, later going on a mission with them in order to hunt down a giant wolf called Gattuso. As they soon find him, they only end up witnessing his demise in his fight against a dragon. With the beast turning against them, Cornelia only hopes for the safety of everyone.

When a dragon attacks, there are no bystanders.
— Gajeel Redfox

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