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And I can't live in a fairy tale of lies. And I can't hide from the feeling cause it's right.
— Faster, Within Temptation

Return to Sylvas is the 13th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Cornelia overpowers Daren completely, asking for the reason of his arrival. The latter tells them that Duke of Sylvas demands their return due to Geki's murder. Killing Daren shortly thereafter, Cornelia decides to return to Sylvas with her guild, Nonette agreeing. They then come to Knightmare Frame, asking Marianne for help, who agrees to help them almost promptly after the explanation of what happened. The girl then goes to bed, but is visited by Lelouch, who tells her that all the core members are coming with them, that is Jeremiah, Schneizel, Suzaku and CC. He also expresses his interest in the real means of Geki's death. Having no clue, Cornelia only recollects her past of becoming a member of Knightmare Frame, along with Nonette and Euphemia, and a friend with Lelouch shortly after joining. The next morning, though, the decided group leaves for Sylvas, with Cornelia as stressed as ever. After talking with some members, they finally arrive to Sylvas, and, briefly after setting foot on the island, Nonette and Cornelia reunite with their former Meteor Wing guild members.

Nevermore to be held down by the wings of history. Nevermore to be cast aside. This day is mine.
— Killswitch Engage, This Fire Burns

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    1. Trace: The Gunner
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