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"While our methods vary in how we do things, there is one big reason why Fairy Tail perceives us as infallible allies. We take care of our own."

Assault on Sylvas Castle is the 14th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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As the mages start infiltrating the castle, Schneizel, Lelouch, Euphemia, Kallen and Tison search for evidence to prove Regae's crimes while the others split to fight the army. Marianne, Nonette, CC and Cornelia head towards Duke's direction, where they come into conflict with guards, promptly defeating them. In the northern inner gate, Luke and Sayoko come across Raptor and Brian, the weakest of the 11 Master Generals, whom they painstakingly defeat. Near the west wall, Suzaku and Jeremiah stand against Bruce and Logan. Even though they defeat the former opponent, they are left with no choice but to surrender to Logan. In the meantime, Kyle and Liz fight Tiberius, with Kyle ultimately defeating his foe. Afterwards, at the castle's main gate, Cornelia's group encounters the four strongest Master Generals, shortly after Duke arrives to announce the end of their battle, the reason being that Lelouch accomplished his mission, pointing out various evidence to support Regae's wrong doings. Being convinced, Duke sends Regae away. Thereafter, he declares that Cornelia and Euphemia are to return to their castle while former members of Meteor Wing are to be jailed for disruption. Cornelia initially succumbs to her father's decision, but after gathering enough strength, she opposes his wish, with Marianne supporting her. Not allowing such attitude, Duke offers to battle Marianne, the latter agreeing. In the end, the two relocate away from the castle to avoid collateral damage, preparing for their showdown.

"Sometimes battle is the only way people can come to understand one another."

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  1. Illusion Magic
  2. Trace Magic
    1. Trace: The Gunner
  3. Requip
    1. Requip: The Champion
  4. Time Stop Magic
  5. Sword Magic
  6. Sayoko's Magic
  7. Friction Magic
  8. Kinetics Magic
  9. Sociokinetics Magic
  10. Body Morphing Magic
  11. Magic Perception
  12. Reinforcement Magic
  13. Lance Magic
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  17. Fan Magic
  18. Dragon Slayer Magic
    1. Hellfire Dragon Slayer Magic
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