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I consider myself a very humble, self-sufficient individual, but if there is one mage whom I envy it is Marianne Lamperouge, better known to all as the Sixth Wizard Saint: Marianne the Flash.

Marianne vs. Duke is the 15th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Without much waiting, the battle between Duke and Marianne initiates. Duke employs various forms of his magic, but his efforts are proven vain as Marianne requips into her ultimate armor; Sun Lion Armor, effectively going through all of his defences before defeating him. In considerable pain, Duke surrenders. They all then return to the Sylvas Castle, where they dine. Afterwards, in the evening, Euphemia and Cornelia go to their rooms, with the latter visiting Estellise's former room, recollecting the past when she had to say farewell to her deceased sister and leave her in peace. Marianne notices the mage's sadness and manages to reassure her after a careful talk. Not long after that, Cornelia finds out that her sister is kidnapped and decides to track down the kidnapper alone. As she manages to catch up with him, the culprit is who she suspected to be; Regae, along with a cloaked bandit. The former magistrate tortures Cornelia, first via his Gravity Magic, and then by harming Euphemia. Filled with rage, Cornelia enters Magnum Augmentation and eventually ends Reggae once and for all, with the cloaked persona running away. The two sisters then leave for their bedroom in peace.

If you cling to the past or yearn for the present you'll be left behind in time. Always look towards the future for that is where progress lies

Characters in Order of Appearance

Magics Used

  1. Requip
    1. Requip: The Champion
  2. Magnum Augmentation
    1. Solar Magnum
    2. Spatial Magnum
  3. Gravity Magic
  4. Trace Magic
    1. Trace: The Gunner

Weapons Used

Swords Used

  1. Flarecaliber

Armors Used

  1. Acnologia Armor
  2. Armor of the Void
  3. Sun Lion Armor


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