Ballad of the Crimson Nightmare


Grand Magic Games Arc

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The first day was infuriating and not just because our teams were both holding the bottom most spots.

Ballad of the Crimson Nightmare is the 161st chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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My dad once told me that mothers are hard to scare because they're so good at scaring others, especially when someone messes with their children.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Abilities Used

Magic Used

  1. Nightmare Summoning Magic
    1. Gath
  2. Bat Mastery
    1. Zero Laser
  3. Requip
  4. Takeover
    1. Takeover: Demon Soul
      1. Partial Takeover
      2. Guren
  5. Radiation Magic
    1. Radiant Wave Surge
    2. Radiant Wave Blast
    3. Breaker X
    4. Geiger Cannon
  6. Strength Enhancement Magic
  7. Kinetics Magic
    1. Viper Punch
    2. Arcanum Vi
    3. Coiling Roundhouse
    4. Cobra Uppercut
    5. Viper Shockwave
    6. Python Fever
    7. Fire Viper Punch
    8. Viper Kick
    9. Hadoken
  8. Elemental Martial Arts
    1. Rising Hurricane Kick
    2. Fist of Flame
    3. Lightning Dive Kick
    4. Thunderpunch
    5. Lightning Python Fever
    6. Fiery Python Fever
  9. Mind Reading Magic
  10. Doll-Attack Magic


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