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Depending on the species the council permits the use of lethal force. You can be as vicious as you want, like a child ripping the wings off an insect, and no one bats an eyelash

Cutting Loose and Kicking Ass is the 17th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


Please note that this is only a short summary of the chapter. If you wish to know the full details, read the chapter!

As Suzaku, Kallen and Lelouch enter the mine in search for ogres, they first stumble across Kaname and Viletta, and then briefly Jeremiah and Cecile, the former informing them about Philosopher's Stone possible involvement in the mission. Afterwards, Ohgi manages to find an ore of Sakuradite, shocking everyone to figure out that it still exists after the war against Zeref. Leaving that wonder for later, they encounter and subsequently slay an initial bunch of ogres, and soon more of them once they head outside. Having done their mission, the team reports their finding to Marianne, who tells them not to report it to the council for the moment, caring about the visit to Fighting Spirit instead. And so, two days later, mages of Knightmare Frame arrive to Ahjur City, and once they arrive to the entrance of the host guild, they are met by the guild's S-Class mage, Orochi Bahn, whose lively spirit and pride don't manage to impress Kallen. As such, the two decide to fight, Orochi demonstrating his immense power and durability despite Kallen's attempts and even newly uncovered techniques, thus earning himself victory. Beaten up with severe injuries, Kallen soon wakes up from the brief state of unconsciousness and follows Lelouch across the guild, wondering what deep secret he might possess after hearing about his disinterest in intimate relationship.

The harder you try to hide a secret, the more people tend to notice that you're trying to hide one.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Magics Used

  1. Earth Magic
    1. Stone Fist
    2. Volley of Boulders
  2. Barrier Magic
    1. Blade Shield
    2. Disintegration Shield
  3. Kinetics Magic
    1. Hadoken
    2. Kinetic Cannonball
    3. Meteor Dive Kick
    4. Shotgun
    5. Spiral Engine: Hell Raising Angel
    6. Magus Arcanum
    7. Shinku Hadoken
    8. Viper Punch
    9. Arcanum Vi
    10. Viper Sky Drop
    11. Cobra Uppercut
    12. Manly Spirit Shield
    13. Python Fever
    14. Demon Snake Fist
  4. Wind Magic
    1. Spiral Tempest
  5. Radiation Magic
    1. Radiant Wave Beam
    2. Radiant Wave Surge
    3. Radiant Wave Shield
    4. Breaker X
    5. Mad Beast Horn (?)
    6. Savage Thunderbolt (?)
  6. Bone Dragon Slayer Magic
    1. Bone Manipulation
    2. Bone Dragon's Tail


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