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When you think you're incapable of making mistakes, it's impossible for you to grow. How can you learn from mistakes if you think you don't make any? Logical wisdom like this is what made me happy to have changed into the person I am now.

Fated Rematch Part 2 is the 176th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Defeat is not the end. The only true end is death.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Magics Used

Abilities Used

Weapons Used


  1. Celestial Spirit Keys
    1. Gate of the Heavenly Scales
    2. Gate of the Paired Fish
    3. Gate of the Fox
    4. Gate of the Ursa Minor


  1. Blackout Armor


  1. Sion Mk. VII
  2. Haymaker Thunderbolt
  3. Unnamed Rail Gun
  4. Sledgehammer Kai
  5. Unnamed Grenade Launcher


  1. Sakuradite-laced-Grenades


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