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"The most dangerous foe is not the one that's the stronges or even the most clever, bu the one that's the most unpredictable"

Guild's Strongest is the 179th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


Please note that this is only a short summary of the chapter. If you wish to know the full details, read the chapter!

"In this world, some things truly defy description"

Characters in Order of Appearance

Magics Used

  • Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
    • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
      • Blue Flame Iron Fist
      • White Flame Iron Fist
    • Fire Dragon's Wing Attack
      • Blue Flame Wing Attack
      • White Flame Wing Attack
    • Fire Dragon's Claw
      • Blue Flame Claw
      • White Flame Claw
    • Fire Dragon's Roar
      • Fire Dragon's Blue Flame Roar
      • Fire Dragon's White Flame Roar
    • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame
      • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Blue Flame
    • Blue Flame Crushing Fang
    • Blue Flame Elbow
    • White Flame Raining Claw
  • Water Magic
    • Hydro Cannon
  • Lightning Magic
    • Sage's Thunderbolt
  • Storm Dragon Slayer Magic
    • Storm Dragon's Wing Attack
    • Storm Dragon's Thunderpunch
    • Storm Dragon's Roar
    • Storm Dragon's Crushing Fang
    • Storm Dragon's Lightning Fang
    • Storm Dragon's Tornado Strike
    • Storm Dragon's Tempest Fist
    • Queen of Hearts - Might Tornado
    • Storm Dragon's Wing Beat
      • Storm Dragon's Thunder Wing
      • Storm Dragon's Ice Wing
    • Storm Dragon's Claw
    • Storm Dragon's Tempest Tongue
    • Storm Dragon's Rending Lightning Claw
    • Storm Dragon's Cyclone Swipe
    • Queen of Hearts - Lightning Maelstrom
  • Ice Magic
    • Sage's Frost Blast
  • Kinetics Magic
    • Magus Arcanum
  • Wonderland

Abilities Used

  • Blue Flame Mode
  • White Flame Mode


  • The chapter's title, Guild's Strongest, is a reference to Dragon Ball Z the Movie: The World's Strongest.[1]


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