The Man that Defies Logic


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With great power comes great responsibility
— Ben Parker, Spiderman

The Man that Defies Logic is the 18th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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As the mages enter the guild, they finally meet up with the guildmaster, Rakkan, who immediately informs them about the upcoming arduous training. Out of curiosity, though, Kallen decides to ask Rakkan about the guild's history Darlton briefly told her about. Rakkan agrees and speaks the guild's story back when it was more popular and went under the name Angel's Feather and when he was one of Ten Wizard Saints; that is, before he gave it up for the sake of his guild and its members. Dwelling into the past even further, specifically spring of X764, Rakkan managed to defeat a dragon even without the use of Dragon Slayer Magic, as to finish that daunting quest. Shortly after returning to the guild, though, he found one of the members, Renji, severely injured. Vanessa tended to his wounds while Genbu, Suzaku's father, went to track down the culprit, Selina, along with his gang. Arriving at a forest, the group soon finds their enemies and prepares to fight, with Genbu recklessly initiating first, prompting Selina to requip her katanas in response.

This is a battle, we are the blade. This is the line!
— This is the Line, Demon Hunter

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Juren Rakkan
  2. Orochi Bahn
  3. Shimon Ikari
  4. Suzaku Kururugi
  5. Kallen Kozuki
  6. Shirley Fenette
  7. Andreas Darlton
  8. Gilbert G.P. Guilford
  9. Gino Weinberg (mentioned)
  10. Anya Alstream (mentioned)
  11. Kyoshiro Tohdoh (mentioned; flashback)
  12. Li Xing-ke (mentioned)
  13. Kaguya Sumeragi (mentioned)
  14. Tianzi (mentioned)
  15. Lelouch Lamperouge
  16. Nunnally Lamperouge
  17. Jura Neekis
  18. Makarov Dreyar
  19. Marianne Lamperouge
  20. Nivea Feathermane (flashback)
  21. Gideon Braveheart (flashback)
  22. Genbu Kururugi (flashback)
  23. Rorix Graymare (flashback)
  24. Chandra Graymare (flashback)
  25. Vanessa Graymare (flashback)
  26. Renji Blake (flashback)
  27. Vixie Yayoi (flashback)
  28. Selina Victoria (flashback)
  29. Omicon (flashback)
  30. Necron (flashback)
  31. Akatana (flashback)
  32. Ikatana (flashback)
  33. Oushi (flashback)
  34. Uma (flashback)
  35. Hebiga Shinigeki (flashback)

Magics Used

  1. Leaf Dragon Slayer Magic (?)
    1. Razor Leaf Storm
  2. Kinetics Magic
    1. Falcon Punch
    2. Overheat Elbow
    3. Kamehameha
  3. Regenerative Tissue Magic
  4. Paralyzing Magic
  5. Healing Magic
  6. Requip


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