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"To clarify, I don't hate Sabertooth's members. I hate that Suzaku has made them think that he's the victim in all of this or that I should forgive him. I get that he saved them from a great tragedy, but where was that gallantry when I needed it from him the most?"

Unwavering Conviction is the 181st chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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"I thought about trying to convince Minerva to see my way of thinking, but I abandoned the idea rather quickly. Not just because she had her own reason's for fighting at Suzaku's side, but because I already had plenty of people I could count on to fight for me and what I believe in. While one more couldn't hurt, it was simply unnecessary."

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  • Dragon Force
  • Bone Dragon's Wolf Mode
  • Bone Dragon's Doom Wolf Mode


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