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Envoy from the Future Arc

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These wounds won't seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.
— My Immortal, Evanescence

Counterattack is the 189th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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I see spirits all around me as I try to understand what makes me do the things I do to everyone around me. And I bet you never knew that I could have regrets for all the things that make you see red, but all I see is purple instead.
— Purple, Mando Pony

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Mordred
  2. Kallen Kozuki
  3. Erza Scarlet
  4. Kagura Mikazuchi
  5. Erza Lamperouge Mentioned
  6. Shirley Fenette Mentioned/Flashback
  7. Setsuna Lamperouge Flashback
  8. Basil Flashback
  9. CC Flashback
  10. Rolo Haliburton Flashback
  11. Shinichiro Tamaki Flashback
  12. Kent Sugiyama Flashback
  13. VV Mentioned/Flashback
  14. Aisha Fateburn Mentioned
  15. Skyler Fateburn Mentioned
  16. Alysha Fateburn Mentioned
  17. E.N.D. Mentioned
  18. Amy Cobalt Mentioned
  19. Kaguya Sumeragi Mentioned
  20. Rivalz Cardemonde Flashback
  21. Milly Ashford Flashback
  22. Nina Einstein Flashback
  23. Lelouch Lamperouge
  24. Hibiki Lates
  25. Alice Amakusa Mentioned/Flashback
  26. Archer Amakusa Mentioned
  27. Mao Conroy Flashback
  28. Stone Eunuchs Flashback
  29. Dorothea Ernst Flashback
  30. Bismark Waldstein Flashback
  31. Ushiora Vermilion Flashback
  32. Acnologia Mentioned
  33. Wendy Marvell Flashback
  34. Cornelia Heurassein Mentioned
  35. Atarella Kozuki Mentioned/Flashback
  36. Nunnally Lamperouge Mentioned
  37. Pyrrha Amakusa Mentioned
  38. Gino Weinberg Flashback
  39. Anya Alstream Flashback
  40. Miala Hauticlere Flashback
  41. Maria Hauticlere Flashback
  42. Rena Sianne Flashback
  43. Asura Kaimen Flashback
  44. Romi Mentioned
  45. Emma Jaeger Flashback
  46. Morrigan ley Faire Flashback
  47. Kasumi Atrumier Mentioned
  48. Erik Flashback
  49. Kinana Flashback
  50. Undine Celeste Flashback
  51. Guinevere Scifo Flashback
  52. Gajeel Redfox Mentioned
  53. Sting Eucliffe Mentioned
  54. Rogue Chenney Mentioned
  55. Tamara Tazzaret Flashback
  56. Millianna Flashback
  57. Danielle Burstinaug Flashback
  58. Zangetsu Flashback
  59. Ultear Milkovich Flashback
  60. Ryumia Tatsumiya Flashback
  61. Vraska Thorntail Flashback
  62. Natsu Dragneel (Future) Mentioned
  63. Cyax

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