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Fighting Spirit Arc

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When pride is on the line you fight by yourself to defend your honor. However, when harm has come to those you care about, all bets are off and it becomes an all-out brawl of considerable bloodshed.

Selina vs. Genbu is the 19th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Mages of Angel's Feather manage to defeat the members of Demon's Horn, except Selina, gaining the upper hand, injuring, and escaping Genbu once more, causing him great frustration. Once back in the guild, Nivea reassures her guildmate that he will defeat Selina eventually. Once he recovers, Genbu fights Rorix for the purpose of training, until Vixie arrives to report the appearance of Selina alone. With a strong desire to fight her, Genbu rushes at her location without any backup. The two meet and start a fight once more, but Selina manages to overwhelm and defeat Genbu, leaving him grievously injured. However, instead of killing him, Selina decides to have some intimacy with him the moment he goes unconscious.

She has a built in ability to take everything she sees and now it seems I'm falling for her.
— Invisible Touch, Genesis

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Selina Victoria (flashback)
  2. Genbu Kururugi (flashback)
  3. Gideon Braveheart (flashback)
  4. Oushi (flashback)
  5. Uma (flashback)
  6. Chandra Graymare (flashback)
  7. Ikatana (flashback)
  8. Akatana (flashback)
  9. Nivea Feathermane (flashback)
  10. Vanessa Graymare (flashback)
  11. Kallen Kozuki
  12. Juren Rakkan
  13. Andreas Darlton (flashback)
  14. Rorix Graymare (flashback)
  15. Vixie Blake (flashback)
  16. Kyoshiro Tohdoh (flashback)

Magics Used

  1. Sword Magic
    1. Helmsplitter
    2. Iajitsu Spot Strike
    3. Arc Pressure Wave
  2. Kinetics Magic
    1. Tatsumaki Senpyakyaku
    2. Hadoken
    3. Kamehameha
    4. Shinku Hadoken
    5. Magus Arcanum
    6. Hyakuretsukyaku Turbo
    7. Raptor Booster
  3. Trace Magic
    1. Trace: The Swordsman
  4. Telekinesis
  5. Requip
    1. Sacred Arrow
    2. Angel Blade
      1. Gravity Well
  6. Destruction Magic
  7. Fire Body Magic
    1. Magma Cannon
  8. Bull Charge
  9. Barrier Magic
  10. White Wings of Heaven
    1. Angel's Shining Fist
  11. Healing Magic
  12. Metal Make
    1. Metal Make: Sword
    2. Metal Make: Coins
    3. Metal Make: Hammer
    4. Metal Make: Wall

Weapons Used

  1. Haihime

Armors Used

  1. Tungsten Armor