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Being in a guild is like being a politician. You meet lots of interesting people as both.
— Lelouch Lamperouge

Guildhouse of Knightmare Frame is the 2nd chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


Please note that this is only a short summary of the chapter. If you wish to know the full details, read the chapter!

After several days of travelling, Kallen and Lelouch finally reach the town of Homura, where they arrive to the Knightmare Frame's 4-story guild building. On their arrival, Kallen finds out about the two-week-trial period until someone becomes a full-pledged member of the guild. Being about lunch time, Lelouch meets her with a lot of guild's mages, each one differing in power from another. Eventually, Kallen and Lelouch come to the room of Marianne Lamperouge, Lelouch's mother, Guild Master as well as the very founder of Knightmare Frame. As she instructs him to inform the others about lunch time, Lelouch and Kallen leave for the third and fourth floor, where the latter meets even more members of the guild. After the lunch, though, Kallen receives some initial supplies for joining the guild and goes to bed, revealing her right, demonic hand. Thinking of her brother, Kallen falls asleep.

When life gives up on you, you simply have to pick yourself and refuse to give up on yourself. That's what it means to truly be alive.
— Cornelia Heurassein

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