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The best place to hide something is right out in the open. Nobody ever thinks to look there.
— Robert Anton Wilson

The Raging Demon of Demon's Horn is the 20th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Rushing towards the guild, Nivea finds out about Genbu's incident, going with Darlton and Tohdoh for him afterwards. They find him injured, but are left puzzled as to why he was kept alive. Returning to their guild, Rakkan surprisingly congratulates Genbu for his persistent efforts, making a deal with Nivea to keep an eye on him once he leaves, suspicious that Selina did something to him after all. Few days later, in the Demon's Horn guildhouse, Selina introduces her latest creation, Tengu, to Hebiga, the guildmaster. Along with other members of the guild, the Demons cause a chaos in a certain town, Angel's Feather obviously intervening into the matter, but most of the mages are powerless against Tengu's immense strength, all until Rakkan decides to engage in combat with him, prompting Selina to retreat with him. Angry to let his enemies escape, Rakkan later plans an ambush, trying to track down the guild first. In the meantime, Gideon supervises Rorix on his mission, but the two get briefly attacked by Tengu, who soon leaves them out of boredom. It is not long after that that Nivea manages to locate Demon's Horn's building, the mages initiating their ambush afterwards. This obviously alarms the Demons, Hebiga and Tengu soon deciding to join the fray.

Never invoke the wrath of a guildmaster. They will be certain it will be the very last thing you do in your career as a mage.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Rorix Graymare (flashback)
  2. Nivea Feathermane (flashback)
  3. Genbu Kururugi (flashback)
  4. Kyoshiro Tohdoh (flashback)
  5. Andreas Darlton (flashback)
  6. Juren Rakkan
  7. Selina Victoria (flashback)
  8. Vixie Blake (flashback)
  9. Renji Blake (flashback)
  10. Gideon Braveheart (flashback)
  11. Hebiga Shinigeki (flashback)
  12. Tengu (flashback)
  13. Chandra Graymare (flashback)
  14. Ikatana (flashback)
  15. Akatana (flashback)
  16. Necron (flashback)
  17. Omicon (flashback)
  18. Uma (flashback)
  19. Oushi (flashback)
  20. Kallen Kozuki
  21. Vanessa Graymare (flashback)

Magics Used

  1. Levitation Spell (?)
  2. Regenerative Tissue Magic
  3. Kinetics Magic
    1. Gohadoken
    2. Tatsumaki Zankukyaku
    3. Messatsu-Gohado
    4. Goshoryuken
    5. Kongo Kokuretsu Zan
    6. Zanku Gohadoken
    7. Oni Elbow
  4. White Wings of Heaven
  5. Metal Make
    1. Metal Make: Hammer
    2. Metal Make: Coins
    3. Metal Make: Wall
    4. Metal Make: Liquid
  6. Telekinesis
  7. Shockwave Magic
    1. Ultimate Wave
  8. Unison Raid
    1. Unison Raid: Torn Lightning Blaster
  9. Oni-kinesis
    1. Pain Channeling
  10. Fire Body Magic
    1. Fire Body Blaze Mode
      1. Blazing Knuckle
      2. Rocket Ball
  11. Healing Magic


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