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My guild means everything to me. As long as its members are well-protected, alive and happy then nothing else matters

Demon's Horn vs. Angel's Feather is the 21st chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Mages of Angel's Feather and dark mages of Demon's Horn clash. While Chandra handles multiple opponents with ease, Vixie and Renji combine their forces to ultimately eliminate Omicon and Necron. Meanwhile, Nivea is standing off against Tengu. In the midst of battle, she manages to unmask the mysterious figure, revealing him to be none other than Genbu himself. Noticing this, Rakkan , who's been battling Hebiga, knocks the Demon Horn's guild master in a single punch in order to focus on Genbu to bring him back to his senses, having been brainwashed by Selina's temptations. In the meantime, realising that the battle is not doing in favour of the dark guild, Hebiga, not long after becoming conscious, orders his remaining mages to retreat. Afterwards, Genbu manages to fight off the demon inside of him, and decides to spend some time away from the guild to recover. During that time, a boy is left by his doorstep, whom he names Suzaku, and chooses to train him to become a member of Angel's Feather. After five long years of absence, Genbu returns, which is the same day Orochi first joins the guild. As all the members rejoice, Demon's Horn is ready to set their plan into motion, Hebiga laughing menacingly.

Being a father doesn't mean 'sperm provider', it means 'guy who is there to pick you up after karate and tell you that you did well', or some shit like that
— A Grim Tale of Reapers

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