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I was too young to remember that day, but I know its impact is what shaped the rest of my life.

Fallen Angels and Fighting Spirit is the 22nd chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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In the Angel's Feather's guild building, Nivea arrives, with Genbu nowhere in sight, later revealing to Rakkan that he was put under Selina's mind control again. As such, the mages decide to track him down. Managing to do so not long after, it is revealed that Genbu, now free from Selina's influence, has been a decoy for the impending disaster; the moon itself is falling onto Earth Land. With no clear plan initially, Rakkan proclaims to bring the moon back into its orbit, and against all odds, he succeeds in doing so with Nivea's help. This only prompts Rune Knights to appear and bring Rakkan in for interrogation. Once there, Rakkan is subjected to choosing two options as a result of the evidently incredulous amount of magic power he has, which represents a great threat to each and every person in the world. The Wizard Saint, however, proposes and goes with the third option he came up on his own; dissolving Angel's Feather, and subsequently giving up from his title as a Wizard Saint. Afterwards, most of the guild's prominent members remain as a close group. Nevertheless, they are shocked one day to find a captured Selina completely out of blue, stating how she isn't with Demon's Horn anymore. Treated with suspicion, the former dark mage retells how she did not tolerate Hebiga's catastrophic action, and subsequently fled from the guild, only to eventually be cornered by necromanced Necron and Omicon as well as Bluenote Stinger. She only watched in horror how her former guildmates were brutally murdered in attempts to protect her, and thanks to whom she managed to escape from Grimoire Heart's grasp. This led her to the dissolved guild, now referred to as Fighting Spirit. Offering her assistance in the upcoming battle, the mages of the reestablished guild are about to strike.

It didn't matter if the council didn't recognize us. We were no longer a guild. We were just a group of independent mages banding together for a common goal. There was no law against that.

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