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I never would've imagined the day would come when we would finally remove Demon's Horn from the face of Fiore

White Fox Whisper is the 23th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Mages of Fighting Spirit ambush the Demon's Horn headquarters. Nivea quickly dispatches Bluenote, while, with combined efforts, Chandra and Graymare practically vaporise Necron and Omicon respectively. Ultimately, Rakkan and Hebiga clash, the former finishing off the latter once and for all. Once the battle is over, Selina takes her leave in order to make it up for her past sins. Five years later, Suzaku is finally told the truth about what happened to Angel's Feather and Rakkan's status as a Wizard Saint. Rather upset by the revelation, Suzaku runs away, eventually getting lost in a forest. Alone and helpless, he is found and chased by Necronomicon. Even though he finds his son and comes to his aid, Genbu is no match to the power of the merged entity. However, Selina arrives just in time to save Suzaku from Necronomicon's clutch, ending it quickly. As Genbu is severely injured, he dies, something which devastates Nivea when told about it by Selina. Genbu is then burried, and Selina joins Fighting Spirit. Meanwhile, Suzaku changes his membership to become a mage of Knightmare Frame, as the guild to which he can adapt more easily, amongst other, rather vague reasons.

There's only one thing to do when your past sins finally catch up with you and you find yourself n the middle of a moral crisis: you atone.

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