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Spiral Magic is the 24th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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In the town of Loghen, while looking for Tohdoh and Xingke, Shimon is approached by a girl who requests his help with some bad guys pursuing her. Shimon agrees to help, and the two subsequently run away together. Once they are cornered, Shimon attempts to stand up to them, but due to his rather meek attitude, he doesn't succeed. However, a pendant around his neck suddenly starts glowing, and Shimon grows in size and power, quickly dispatching his enemies. Once the pendant's influence stops, Shimon doesn't remember anything he did. Right at that time, under Rakkan's orders, Suzaku finds the two, the girl introducing herself as Chikara Rasenhime. They then return to Fighting Spirit, where they discuss about what to do regarding Chikara once she reveals herself to have been a slave. The choice is left to Shimon, who decides to track down the slave traders and put an end to their doings. As the meeting is over, it turns out that Lelouch was eavesdropping the conversation the group had. The focus of his attention was Shimon, though, due to the pendant he is carrying, which Rorix reveals to be an extremely rare type of Lost Magic, namely Spiral Magic.

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