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Suzaku's Error is the 25th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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After asking about yesterday's incident with slavers, Rorix, Nivea and Selina were led to a small slaver camp. The slavers were successfully captured, and subsequently interrogated for the whereabouts of their base. Meanwhile, other mages of Knightmare Frame are training, and once the trio arrives, they arrange a meeting, where the group sets their assault and rescue teams. Some time before they head out for Hargeon Town, however, Kallen asks Suzaku about the reason why he left Fighting Spirit to join Knightmare Frame, as well as his relationship with Selina, to which she doesn't receive a clear answer. This later prompts Selina to clarify to Kallen not to meddle in others' business, as Suzaku's unaware of her past with his father. Nevertheless, few days later, the mages arrive to Hargeon Town, and soon infiltrate the slavers' base. Their operation is successful, until Suzaku hands in their boss, Guam A. Ramdillo, to an ostensible member of the Magic Council. As such, Suzaku is shocked upon realising that he has been tricked, and tries to track the two down, to no avail. Regardless of how slaves were rescued and slavers captured, Suzaku is later about to leave in the middle of the night to find the criminals, but is stopped from doing so by Euphemia. Wanting to kiss her, Suzaku trips and falls, only to realise that he's suddenly threatened by an assassin figure. The mage manages to free himself, and pursue the mysterious figure, but it's too late as Euphemia is kidnapped. Enraged, Suzaku is joined by Lelouch and Rorix to help him identify and dispatch their enemies.

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