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Renji will ask me all the time if I'm proud of what I've done. Truthfully, I'm not proud of any of what I've done. My dumb decisions early on in life caused me to become the White Fox of Demon's Horn.

Pride, Honor and Responsibility is the 26th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Suzaku relentlessly searches for Euphemia all across Hargeon, but he eventually falls down due to exhaustion. He is found by Selina, who feeds him and gives directions where his enemy might most likely be. He follows her directions, and with Nivea's help, infiltrates the airship above the land. Once there, he fights the assassin who ambushed him, named Zack Girard. Despite many efforts, Zack overwhelms the young mage with his attacks, but Suzaku is safe once Selina comes to his aid, quickly slicing down the assassin without much effort. It is at this time that Selina reveals to Suzaku that she is actually his mother who left him at Genbu's doorstep. Surprised by this, Suzaku says how, regardless of her criminal past, Selina will always be the mother Suzaku loves. The two then hug, not long before Suzaku rushes to save Euphemia. Once he locates her, he comes face-to-face with Mavon Gant and Guam. In the midst of the battle, Nivea arrives for Suzaku to tell her to get Euphemia somewhere safe. Afterwards, despite Guam's success in combat thus far, Suzaku unleashes his ultimate power, Kamehameha, creating a large crater, with his adversaries nowhere to be seen. With his job done, Suzaku is celebrated as a hero. More than a week later, though, upon arriving back to Knightmare Frame, it is revealed that a new member was recruited in the meantime; a Sky Dragon Slayer, Wendy.

However, there's one time I feel pride and that's when I look at Suzaku. He's the only thing in my life that turned out right.

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