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Only very few know what it means to experience true hell.

The Quaker, the Witch, and the Warrior is the 28th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Lelouch starts retelling the story of his mother's past. As her parents were in poverty, Marianne was taken from them until they could pay the taxes back. However, the town's Magistrate, Moras Yunalesca, sold Marianne into slavery a month later, the young girl was forced to work in the Tower of Heaven. Initially rebellious against her captors, Marianne's spirit was eventually broken, but some time later, a woman named Cynthia Caroline joined her, and the two bonded very quickly. As C.C. had magic at her disposal, she protected her friend whenever she was in danger. Seven years passed, and the two were still working together. One day, though, Charles Vermilion arrived to free his master, Rob, but the latter refuses, and instead wished for Marianne's freedom. The girl objected, insisting on C.C.'s freedom as well, to which Charles obliged, having no problem for his vast fortune. As time passes, Marianne and Charles got married, and Marianne gave birth to Lelouch and Nunnally. On an unfortunate day, when Marianne left for an expedition, Charles was paid a visit by his own brother, Vincent, who murdered him with the help of his comrades. Burning in rage because of it, Lelouch in return murdered the corrupt councilor who let VV go free without any penalty for his deed. Finishing his story, Lelouch and Erza then go to a cake shop for a treat, while Ohgi arrives to tell Kalle that Team Ashford has been attacked.

I can't see cause it's burning deep inside, like gasoline on a fire running wild.
— Faster, Within Temptation

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  • The chapter title, The Quaker, the Witch, and the Warrior, is a play on the title of the book-turned-film by C.S. Lewis; "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."[1]


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