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A victory won through dishonest means is no victory at all. It's always possible to follow the law and still gain the victory you need. That's what I believe.
— Suzaku Kururugi

It's All About Perception is the 4th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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One week after the previous events, Kallen learns how to control her Radiation Magic under Lelouch's guidance. As they start discussing about a possible fixed term, Ohgi suddenly arrives to bring some news to Lelouch, who leaves immediately thereafter, allowing Kallen to only be approved for a job if she leaves with either an S-Class mage or Suzaku. Puzzled, Kallen wants to figure out about what Lelouch is after and soon Kyoshiro Tohdoh tells her about his team; Black Knights and Suzaku's Team Lancelot, the two having a friendly rivalry due to different approaches in righting the wrongs, and generally more about Knightmare Frame's history. Suzaku overhears the conversation and expresses his disdain towards Lelouch's ways of solving problems. He then asks and subsequently leaves with Kallen for a job, eventually finding their target who turns out to be an Acnologia worshiper, Sordakov. With Kallen displaying proper use of her magic, Suzaku soon knocks him down and hands him over to the Magic Council, despite the disagreement of citizens. As they return to their guild, Lelouch and Suzaku have a spiteful exchange, whereafter Kallen gets to know more about Black Knights by Lelouch, the girl wanting to join the team after becoming an official member of Knightmare Frame.

True evil is an evil that cannot be reasoned with, one that unconditionally brings harm to others. No matter what one says about the Black Knights the fact remains that they are not true evil.
— Schneizel Scifo

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