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When I first bore witness to her capabilities I knew what I had gotten my hands on. Kallen was no run of the mill mage she was fit to be not just another member of my team, but my ace!
— Lelouch Lamperouge

The Vigilante Formally Known as Zero is the 5th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Waking on the third day after becoming a full-pledged member of Knightmare Frame, Kallen goes to breakfast with Milly, Shirley and Nina. In the meantime, she is being observed by the members of Black Knights, questioning whether she is worthy of being a member of their team, but soon Cynthia clears it up when she expresses her agreement with Lelouch's judgment, who wants her to also be the team's ace, shocking others, with Lelouch confirming it afterwards. As he then takes notice of her, he leaves Kallen a job request which would determine whether she's able to be part of the team or not, insisting for her to keep it in secrecy until she reads it alone. Once she arrives upstairs to read it, though, Kallen gets shocked to see that the the bounty of the criminal, Zero, is 10 000 000 jewels. Lelouch then instructs her where and when to come. Following his instructions, Kallen arrives punctually, finding Zero almost immediately. As he tells her about his victory over Lelouch, Kallen uses her Radiation Magic, albeit confident in her ability. Showcasing marvelous power, she gets only surprised to find out that Zero is actually Lelouch in disguise. He then reveals to her the true goal of Black Knights; doing whatever's necessary to stop the evil. Left thinking, Kallen eventually decides to join them. Grinning, Lelouch soon tells her about the tomorrow's trip to his friend to assist Kallen with her demonic powers.

I am the guardian of justice, the harbinger of justice underneath the pale moonlight. I AM the Black Void! I AM the Mind of Steel! I AM the Just phantom! With my magic I shall expose the corruption of this world and cleanse it in fires of destruction. I AM ZERO, THE MAGE WHO WORKS MIRACLES!
— Zero's Creed

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  • The title of this chapter, The Vigilante Formally Known as Zero, is a reference to the old news phrase regarding the musician Prince: "The Artist Formally Known as Prince."[1]


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