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Guilds come in all shapes in sizes, but the ones that invoke the wrath of this guild end up squashed flat.
— Nonette Enneagram

Knightmare Frame Vs Omega Sphere is the 7th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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Five months under Mirajane's tutoring, Kallen develops a complete control over her magic, utilising it so well as to go as far as to break through Lelouch's defence even while exhausted, knocking him far away. As she thus gets officially done with all the training, the mages enter the Knightmare Frame guild building, where they soon find out that Clovis was beaten up by Omega Sphere while searching for an outlaw, being notorious for such violent acts. As Lelouch desires a payback for their actions, he gets joined by Kallen, Cornelia and Natsu, wanting to pay them back for hurting Alzack and Bisca as well. They soon arrive near the guild building and once Lelouch alerts their presence by destroying one of their windows, members of two guilds gets into a fight. In the end, all of the Omega Sphere mages eventually get overwhelmed by their respective opponents. Lelouch gets especially infuriated due to getting his jacket torn, later on revealing Shirley that it was bought to him by Erza Scarlet. As she gets completely surprised, Lelouch tells her about possibly introducing her to Erza in the future. Once the former leaves for dinner, Lelouch is left thinking about Erza.

Big brother understands the heart that was put into that gift. That's why he cares so much about him. To him it's not just a jacket. It's a part of the person who gave it to him, part of their heart.
— Nunnally Lamperouge

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Magics Used

  • Wind barrier bullets
  • Laser rifles
  • Grenade


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