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When you condemn someone a monster, you often can't tell when that monster has been replaced by a gentler soul.
— Suzaku Kururugi

The Real Monster is the 8th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


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As Lelouch is looking to buy a goldfish for Nunnally, he comes across Tiberius, whom he easily defeats in his puzzles. Once Tiberius notices Kallen as a member of Knightmare Frame, though, he remarks that she is a former member of his guild, Iron Star. Going away afterwards, he informs Katen Kotetsu about Kallen. One week later, the mages of Iron Star arrive to Knightmare Frame in order to hand in Kallen to the Magic Council for her allegedly destructive nature, having an official document to allow them so. However, the S-Class mages of the guild deny and subsequently scare them away, whereafter it's found out that the document is forgery. About three weeks later, some of the girls of Knightmare Frame go on a getaway at Akane Beach, the costs paid by Milly, who tells Shirley more about her troubling past. As Cornelia and Nonette went for snacks, the group gets ambushed by the members of Iron Star, with sole purpose of provoking Kallen into using her demonic powers by beating up the other helpless girls. Eventually not being able to contain her power anymore, Kallen goes into rage and desires to do a payback for all they've done.

Whenever I lost consciousness due to my powers, I would always awakened to a ruined battlefield. It was only after I joined Knightmare Frame that I discovered why. Lelouch was right. I had absolutely no idea what I was truly capable of.
— Kallen Kozuki

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Magics Used

  1. Fire Magic
  2. Sword Magic
  3. Chain Magic
  4. Geass Magic
  5. Illusion Magic
  6. Animal Morphing
  7. Water Magic
  8. Requip
  9. Radiation Magic


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