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Just once in my life, I think it'd be nice just to lose control just once.
— Lose Control, Evanesence

A Demon's Fate is the 9th chapter of Draconichero21's Fairy Without Wings.


Please note that this is only a short summary of the chapter. If you wish to know the full details, read the chapter!

Kallen's past is revealed from three years ago, most notably her time spent in Black Cats of Midnight until the day when the mages got attacked by wyvern, when Kallen transformed into a demon, successfully killing the monster, but also unconsciously killing all the members of her guild, even Sachi as her best friend. In the present time, though, Kallen, transforms into a demon once again, unconsciously killing the attackers from Iron Star, and eventually resorting to killing her own comrades. However, Cornelia and Nonette arrive just in time to save them and ultimately subdue the demon inside Kallen. Once she awakens in the guild and is said what happened, she gets shocked to realise that she is accepted the way she is, turning down to tears. As Marianne reassures her, she leaves to Iron Star with Cornelia and Anya for payback. Once the three do their job and come back, everyone goes for dinner. In the end, Kallen goes to bed, swearing that she will learn to control the demon inside her to prevent causing harm to others uncontrollably anymore.

When you threaten or injure the lives of someone's friend or family member, you'd best be prepared to pay the proper compensation.
— Marianne Lamperouge

Characters in Order of Appearance

Magics Used

  1. Radiation Magic
  2. Takeover: Demon Soul
  3. Trace Magic
    1. Trace: The Gunner
  4. Time Stop Magic
  5. Soul Projection
  6. Requip: The Champion
  7. Rock Dragon Slayer Magic


  • The chapter title, A Demon's Fate, is the name of a song by the band Within Temptation.[1]
  • Her rampage in the chapter was inspired by the battle between Ichigo Kurosaki and Uquiorra Cifer from the Bleach series.[2]


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