Dragon Slayer Magic


Lost Magic
Caster Magic


Alice Amakusa
Anya Alstream
Archer Amakusa[1]
Emma Jaeger
Gajeel Redfox
Gino Weinberg
God Serena
Jessica Diamura
Laxus Dreyar
Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge (Future)
Miala Hauticlere
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel (Future)
Nessa Revanati
Rena Sianne
Rogue Chenney
Sting Eucliffe
Undine Celeste
Wendy Marvell

Dragon Slayer Magic is an ancient form of magic created by Dragons to combat one another. In order to swing the tide of the war in favour of the dragons that supported humans, they taught some humans how to use the magic. Centuries on and it has become possible for humans to learn the magic by implanting a Dragon Lacrima into their body.


As the name suggests, Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of magic used to slay dragons. It is the only form of magic known to be capable to injure, let alone kill a dragon.

Dragon Slayer Magic utilises an individual element in order for it to be used, including traditional elements such as fire, water, and rock, as well as more abstract concepts such as bone, portal, and white for attacking, defending and/or supporting.

There are several methods known for individuals to learn dragon slayer magic. Dragons are born with their respective magic as evidenced by Nippy knowing how to use Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic only at a few months old. Humans however can use various methods to learn the magic. The traditional methods for humans to learn the magic are to either be taught by a dragon; the First Generation, have a Dragon Lacrima implanted into their body; the Second Generation, or finally to have both; the Third Generation.

Alternatively, humans can learn dragon slayer magic via the usage of other magics; Dragon Soul Absorption Magic[2] or Skeleton Key[1].


Scattered across the continent of Ishgar are various monuments dedicated to Dragon Slayer Magic. These monuments contain information about practicing the magic as well as the history of Dragons. As such, it is possible for Dragon Slayers to learn new, advanced level spells that they previously were unaware of, and in some instances are capable of gaining a second element.

As a result of Lelouch Lamperouge's three year journey, he had learned every conceivable element a dragon, and subsequently a dragon slayer, can possess, on top of the secret arts he learned.


Human Usage

Traditional Methods

Name Magic Dragon Teacher Style
Natsu DragneelFire Dragon Slayer MagicIgneelFirst Generation
Shyra KnightwalkerFire Dragon Slayer MagicIgneelFirst Generation
Gajeel RedfoxIron Dragon Slayer MagicMetalicanaFirst Generation
Wendy MarvellSky Dragon Slayer MagicGrandeenyFirst Generation
Lelouch LamperougeBone Dragon Slayer MagicNekrosisFirst Generation
Anya AlstreamRock Dragon Slayer MagicGeorraFirst Generation
Jessica DiamuraMoon Dragon Slayer MagicLukewoodFirst Generation
Undine CelesteWater Dragon Slayer MagicErubayFirst Generation
Nessa RevanatiNature Dragon Slayer MagicNystikaFirst Generation
Alice AmakusaStorm Dragon Slayer MagicOroroFirst Generation
Miala HauticlerePlasma Dragon Slayer MagicNippyFirst Generation
Laxus DreyarLightning Dragon Slayer MagicN/ASecond Generation
ErikPoison Dragon Slayer MagicN/ASecond Generation
God SerenaHybrid Dragon Slayer MagicN/ASecond Generation
Gino WeinbergPortal Dragon Slayer MagicN/ASecond Generation
Rena SianneHellfire Dragon Slayer MagicN/ASecond Generation
Sting EucliffeWhite Dragon Slayer MagicWeisslogiaThird Generation
Rogue ChenneyShadow Dragon Slayer MagicSkiadrumThird Generation
Emma JaegerIce Dragon Slayer MagicFafnirThird Generation

Other Methods

Name Magic Parent Magic
Archer AmakusaStorm Dragon Slayer MagicSkeleton Key
MordredHybrid Dragon Slayer MagicDragon Soul Absorption Magic
MordredCorrupted Dragon Slayer MagicUnknown

Dragon Usage

Name Clan Element
AtarellaEmerald DragonsEmerald
Atlas FlameFire DragonsHellfire
AuriosGold DragonsGold
CyaxVoid DragonsVoid
GranabelleEmerald DragonsEmerald
HephatesSapphire DragonsSapphire
JumanshiBlade DragonsBlade
KallenEmerald DragonsRadiation
KhrenosLightning DragonsLightning
LusterforgeCrystal DragonsCrystal
MagneenaSolar DragonsSolar
NasystPoison DragonsPoison
NippyFire and Storm DragonsPlasma
RaidenLightning DragonsLightning
Scissor RunnerLaser DragonsLaser
SephiramusMeteor DragonsMeteor
SharruviaBarrier DragonsBarrier
TorquestSapphire DragonsSapphire
VijaGravity DragonsGravity
ZebtrodeSound DragonsSound
ZirconnisJade DragonsJade

Dual Element Modes

Dragon Slayers have the potential to gain a second element once they have become strong enough to do so. If they attempt to do so before they are ready, they can make themselves very ill in the process without gaining a second element.

However, eating a second element is not the only means by which a dragon slayer can attain a second element. It is possible for a dragon slayer to develop a dual mode if they are infected by a foreign agent, such as lycanthropy.

Name Dual Mode Method of Obtaining
Lelouch LamperougeBone Dragon's Wolf ModeLycanthropy
Natsu DragneelLightning Flame Dragon ModeConsumed Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
Gajeel RedfoxHeavy Metal Dragon ModeConsumed Vibraechosium[3]
Wendy MarvellSky Emerald Dragon ModeUnknown with Atarella Kozuki
Emma KogamiIce Dragon's Dark God ModeUnknown
Laxus DreyarLightning Ice Dragon ModeConsumed Lissa Glaive's Ice Magic
Anya AlstreamRock Portal Dragon ModeConsumed Portal Dragon Slayer Magic imbued rocks[4]


  • Unlike in canon Fairy Tail, a dragon slayer does not have to eat another dragon slayer's element to gain a dual element mode.


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