Fairy Without Wings is an ongoing fan-made fiction written by Draconichero21. It revolves about a young mage by the name of Kallen Kozuki suffering from a demonically deformed right arm. The work follows the adventures of her and various other characters after the girl first meets Lelouch Lamperouge, one of the mages of Knightmare Frame.

The story itself takes place in the Fairy Tail universe, originally created by Hiro Mashima, and incorporates characters from various other series, most notably and mostly those from Sunrise Inc's anime series Code Geass.


  • Originally, the author intended to insert certain dialogue lines. However, they didn't make it to the actual story.[1]
  • Draconichero21 announced that new expies from the series Dangaronpa are to come. Further details are currently unknown.[1]
  • The earliest joke planned by the author is Lelouch hitting Ichiya under a pretense that the latter has a mosquito on his shoulder.[2]
    • There were more similar jokes regarding Lelouch's relations with The Trimens, but they were scrapped in the end.[2]


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