These are the users responsible for maintenance and improvement of the Fairy Without Wings Wiki.

Brandy Chan Bureaucrat
Inactive Derax PaganiDerax Signature Symbol

Administrators' Duties

Administrators have the following responsibilities:

  • Creating and quality checking the wiki's articles
  • Supervising discussions
  • Enforcing the wiki's policies
  • Moving articles which require a new name
  • Deleting articles not deemed worthy of being in the wiki
  • Assisting users with questions and wonders
  • Blocking users for vandalism and/or inappropriate conduct

Additional Privileges

Administrators and they only, are free to use the following badge:

Admin This user is an administrator of the Fairy Without Wings Wiki.


Should their position be renounced, they are to remove the badge wherever they have it, otherwise it is free to be removed by someone else.

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