Fairy Without Wings Wiki wants to provide pleasant and friendly environment for its users. That's why, in order to preserve it, we have decided to set certain rules on how each user should behave, i.e. what they should refrain from expressing here. Read this with caution, especially if you're a new user, to whom this is encouraged to be read to begin with. Any breach of this policy will result in a proper penalty, most probably a block for an agreed period of time.

  • No vandalism - one of the notorious issues every wikia encounters. Removing content from pages for no reason, or deliberately inserting false information is more than enough for us to realise that you've no regard for this wiki and its members, thus an earned block is to be expected
  • No plagiarism - copy-pasting info from other websites and such, without providing a proper reference to it, is not to be accepted. Therefore, properly reference the info you add to the articles
  • No hatred speech - regardless of how you may not go along with other user(s), you do not have the right to offend them in any way
  • No racist or discriminatory remarks - this is pretty obvious. Blatantly offending a certain group of people by their characteristics, regardless of your reasoning, is beyond unpermitted and will more than likely result in a block of 3 months minimum
  • No advertising - coming to this wiki just for the sake of drawing attention to an irrelevant matter is definitely not something we would like to encounter, so please avoid doing so
  • Respect opinions - everyone has different opinions on different matters. It's only natural. Therefore, accept them and do not impose your own as it will get you nothing but trouble here
  • Maintain good attitude - do not be arrogant towards users more experienced than you; be appreciative. Swearing is allowed to some extent, to the point where it's only used for emphasis and not offence or expression of anger/hatred towards someone else

In parallel to the mentioned, ensure to check Wikia Community Guidelines for further reference.