On every wiki, images are a great and effective way to make article pages less monotone and generic, among the multitude of other usages. In order to prevent possible disruptions with them, however, we have decided to identify how they should be uploaded properly. As such, failure to adhere to this policy will result in sanction occurring. That is why it is highly encouraged for you to read these rules as thoroughly as possible.

For the sake of keeping up with this policy, we recommend you to upload your images here.

Image Format

Render Comparison

Left image (rendered) and right image (not rendered)

There is no strict rule about which image format is to be uploaded. However, it is highly preferable for you to upload images in .png format, as such images tend to be of the highest quality and support rendering (removal of the unnecessary background which effectively makes the image more aesthetically pleasing; look on the right).


The image text should describe the image in some way, not give away a spam of numbers and/or letters (e.g. things like "f24df45fghj.png" and such). Also, an extension to the format should be removed as well, as it is automatically added once the image is uploaded. In other words, should you name the image, let's say, "Lelouch.png" before uploading, it will result in "Lelouch.png.png" once it is uploaded, which is definitely to be avoided.


Every image must have a license for the sake of identifying where the image is from, as well as to prevent breaking of copyright of the work from another author. All the licenses can be found in Special:Upload, where the images should be uploaded to begin with, and are pretty self-explanatory.


Each and every single image must have a purpose. Uploading images just for the sake of uploading is meaningless and takes unnecessary place. Therefore, if you have no clear plan for uploading a certain image, do not upload it. Although, bear in mind that displaying it in your user page counts as being used, so you are more than free to use it there if the image itself has no relevance to the main article pages.


Stop Sign

On the right is an example of an image adhering to the abovementioned rules. Use it as a reference to your future uploads.

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