Grudge Match is the final event of the X791 Grand Magic Games, taking place on July 6th. [1] The outcome of the event will decide the overall winner of the tournament.

Structure and Rules


  1. Team Knightmare Frame B
  2. Team Lamia Scale
  3. Team Philosopher's Stone
  4. Team Fighting Spirit
  5. Team Kraken's Eye
  6. Team Serpent's Heart
  7. Team Fairy Tail B
  8. Team Mermaid Heel
  9. Team Phoenix Grave
  10. Team Sabertooth
  11. Team Fairy Tail A
  12. Team Knightmare Frame A


Knightmare Frame B vs. Fairy Tail B

Lamia Scale vs. Kraken's Eye

Philosopher's Stone vs. Chelia Blendy

Shimon Ikari vs. Philosopher's Stone

Asura Kaimen vs. Kagura Mikazuchi

Serpent's Heart vs. Sabertooth

Mirajane Strauss vs. Kallen Kozuki

Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Erza Scarlet

Alice Amakusa vs. Natsu Dragneel

Sabertooth vs. Lelouch Lamperouge, Kallen Kozuki, Wendy Marvell, & Naomi Inoue

Fairy Tail A vs. Philosopher's Stone

Nonette Enneagram vs. Fairy Tail A



  1. Fairy Without Wings: Chapter 173