Hidden is the first event of the Grand Magic Games of X791 that established the twelve teams that would participate for the title of Fiore's strongest guild.




Team Participant Placement Points
Team Knightmare Frame A Nonette Enneagram 1st 15 pts
Team Phoenix Grave Skyler Fateburn 2nd 12 pts
Team Sabertooth Rogue Chenney 3rd 10 pts
Team Philosopher's Stone Rolo Haliburton 4th 8 pts
Team Mermaid Heel Rakshata Chawla 5th 7 pts
Team Serpent's Heart Ryumia Tatsumiya 6th 6 pts
Team Lamia Scale Anya Alstream 7th 5 pts
Team Kraken's Eye Rena Sianne 8th 4 pts
Team Knightmare Frame B Schneizel Scifo 9th 3 pts
Team Fighting Spirit Selina Victoria 10th 2 pts
Team Fairy Tail B Gajeel Redfox 11th 1 pt
Team Fairy Tail A Natsu Dragneel 12th 0 pts