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Hybrid Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, which can be learned by using a combination of magics; Dragon Soul Absorption Magic and Skeleton Key Type D.



As the name suggests, this form of Dragon Slayer Magic is made up of various different elements depending on how many elements the user has learned or obtained.


1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24
Barrier Blade Bone Crystal
Emerald Gold Gravity Hellfire
Ice Iron Lightning Nature
Plasma Poison Portal Radiation
Rock Shadow Sky Solar
Storm Water White Wolf[1]

God Serena

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
Cavern Gale Electric[2] Midnight[2]
Purgatory Sea King Solar[3] Snow[2]



  • Hybrid Dragon's Roar
  • Hybrid Dragon's Crushing Fang
  • Hybrid Dragon's Claw
  • Hybrid Dragon's Burst Fang
  • Hybrid Dragon's Destruction Fist
  • Hybrid Dragon's Destructive Blast

Secret Arts

  • Hybrid Madness - Elemental Dragon Fangs
  • Hybrid Theory: Day of the Dragon
  • Hybrid Theory: Form of the Dragon
  • Hybrid Theory: Dragon's Descent

Dragon Force Level

  • Hidden Hybrid Form - Dark Storm Ball[4]
  • Hidden Hybrid Form - Galactic Starmap: Cosmic Starshower[4]
  • Hidden Hybrid Form - Galactic Starmap: Dark Dimension[5]
  • Hidden Hybrid Form: Dragon Destruction Beam[6]
  • Hidden Hybrid Form: Crushing Dragon Fangs[7]


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