Kallen Kozuki
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Personal Information


The Crimson Nightmare
Little Red
Big Red
Crimson Locks
Crimson Claw


Human (half)
Demon (quarter)
Dragon (quarter)





Age at Debut


Hair Color


Eye Color

Light red

Professional Information


Knightmare Frame Logo Knightmare Frame
Ten Wizard Saints Pendant Ten Wizard Saints
Order of the Dragon Slayers Logo Order of the Dragon Slayers
Neo Black Knight Symbol Neo Black Knights

Previous Affiliation

Iron Star Logo Iron Star
Black Cats of Midnight
Kraken's Eye Logo Kraken's Eye




Black Knights
Team Knightmare Frame A




Atarella Kozuki (mother)
Naoto Kozuki (brother)


Kallen Stadtfeld


Takeover: Demon Soul
Takeover: Dragon Soul
Strength Enhancement Magic
Radiation Magic

Other Information


Kallen Kōzuki

Original Series

Code Geass

Chapter Debut

Chapter 1

Kallen Kozuki is an S-Class mage of Knightmare Frame, the 5th ranked mage of the Ten Wizard Saints and leader of the Neo Black Knights' Assault Unit[1][2]. She was the ace of the Black Knights prior to the creation of the Neo Black Knights, as well as the daughter of the Dragon turned Demon, Atarella Kozuki.



Main Timeline

Introductory Arc

Arriving at the town of Loreon with a mutated arm, Kallen seeks help from a mage consultant. After entering a pub and identifying the person she's looking for, Kallen meets Luciano Bradley, who offers to help her under the condition that she helps him with his performance. As she agrees, it soon becomes apparent that Luciano is a wanted criminal that specializes in Blood Magic. Fortunately, she is saved by Lelouch Lamperouge, who defeats the villain. He asks her to join his guild - Knightmare Frame - in order to properly help her with her demonic deformity. Despite her painful past experiences, Kallen agrees to join Lelouch. [3]

Upon arriving to the guild in the town of Homura, Kallen learns that she's on a 2-week probation period until she becomes a full-pledged member of Knightmare Frame. She and Lelouch venture around the guild building, the former meeting different members until they reach for the guild master herself, Marianne Lamperouge, Lelouch's mother. After having lunch and meeting other guild members, Kallen goes to her room to find a parcel of necessary supplies, where after she goes to sleep.[4]

Knightmare Frame Arc

Sylvas Arc

Fighting Spirit Arc

Pursuit of Justice Arc

Philosopher's Stone Arc

Kraken's Eye Arc

Theater Production Arc

Unistrad Arc

Journey to Hell Arc

Oracion Seis Arc

Edolas Arc

Black Knight Arc

Sindel Arc

Aftermath Arc

Tenrou Island Arc

Footsteps Toward Destiny Arc

One Thousand One Blades Arc

End of the Nightmare Arc

Rise to Power Arc

Yawgmoth Island Arc

Nirix Arc

Return of Fairy Tail Arc

Grand Magic Games Arc

Envoy from the Future Arc

Cracked Gemstone Arc

Guild War Arc

Mordred Timeline


Atarella Kozuki

Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker

Mirajane Strauss

Naomi Inoue

Shirley Fenette

Wendy Marvell

Division Commander Lahar

Lelouch Lamperouge

Naoto Kozuki

Suzaku Kururugi

Black Cats of Midnight

Fairy Tail

Iron Star

Knightmare Frame

Kraken's Eye

Order of the Dragon Slayers

Ten Wizard Saints

Magic and Abilities

Radiation Magic

  • Radiation Beam
  • Breaker X
  • Radiant Wave Surge
  • Radiant Wave Shield
  • Radiant Wave Beam
  • Radiant Wave Blast
  • Geiger Cannon
  • Devastation Buster


Demon Soul

  • Guren
  • Guren Seiten

Dragon Soul

Strength Enhancement Magic



  • Her demonically deformed right arm at the beginning of the series is in reference to the primary weapon of the Knightmare Frame her expy of the same name pilots in Code Geass; the Guren Mk.II and subsequent versions' Radiant Wave Surger.
  • Kallen's demonic form at the beginning of the series was actually inspired by Pride Demons from the Dragon Age series.[5]

Battles and Events


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