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Luciano Bradley is a notorious wanted criminal, known for his usage of Blood Magic to drain other Mages of their power, thus earning the epithet of a Vampire of Fiore. Shortly after his attempt to do the same to Kallen, though, he was quickly defeated by Lelouch Lamperouge.[1]


As a criminal, Luciano is quite proficient in deceiving people, as he managed to convince Kallen into thinking that he's the mage consultant she was looking for. Supplementary to this, Luciano is a malevolently greedy person, thirsty of becoming more and more powerful by doing damage to others, fitting his preference in Magic. Moreover, he is pretty disrespectful towards his enemies, even when threatened, as he showed no regards to Lelouch even when being manipulated by the latter. Alongside his tendency to blackmail his opponents first instead of fighting fair, as exhibited by holding Kallen hostage in order to avoid battling Lelouch, Luciano eventually succumbs to mercy, though in extreme situations, as he only truly surrendered to Lelouch after enough torture the latter put him through.[1]


Not much is known about Luciano's past, except that he'd been consistently abducting other Mages in order to suck their Magic Power via his Blood Magic.[1]

He first appears in Loreon Town, posing as a mage consultant to help Kallen with her deformed demonic arm. Offering to help her only if she helps him with his supposed show, Luciano manages to trick Kallen to give him a perfect opportunity to gain more power. As such, during acting as if he is performing a magic trick, Luciano grabs Kallen's hand and gets about to suck the Magic out of her. However, just as he is about to do that, he is interfered by Lelouch, who exposes him as a wanted criminal. Instinctively, Luciano blackmails his foe by threatening to hurt Kallen if he doesn't let him go. However, that way he only ends up at mercy of his foe's Bone Dragon Slayer Magic. And ultimately, after a painful experience with his opponent's Magic, Luciano surrenders and is later arrested by the Fiore Council.[1]


Blood Magic

This Magic allows Luciano to increase his Magic Power by sinking his sharp teeth into his targets' body, robbing them of their own power in the process.[1]

  • Unique Physiology: Luciano is able to enhance his teeth to become sharper, enabling him to use his Magic more effectively.[1]


  • Knife - Luciano carries a knife, which he most notably utilised for the purpose of blackmailing.[1]


  • Luciano's title, Vampire of Fiore, is a reference to his expy's title, namely The Vampire of Britannia.


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