Magic is the ability Mages use to complete a myriad of tasks including commissions, combat, and sports to name a few.


Magic is a special ability certain people (Mages) possess, and which can be used for different purposes and for different reasons. Common examples include usage to accomplish various missions for clients (i.e. usage in Guilds), usage to enforce policies and regulations, something which is governed by the Magic Council, or for sports and competition, such usage present in the Grand Magic Games. Magic is also particularly useful for creating various kinds of enchanted weapons and items, allowing for more creativity.

The main source from which Mages are able to perform Magic in the first place is called Mana and is essential to their lives as well, as illnesses like Magic Deficiency Disease can lead to fatal consequences of any Mage.


Magic is divided into 2 main categories: Caster Magic and Holder Magic, although Lost Magic is distinguished from the two because of its uniqueness.

Caster Magic

Caster Magic is employed from the user's body itself and is a lot more common. It comes in various forms and is further divided into few sub-categories.

Holder Magic

Holder Magic is accomplished via external source, meaning that the user is completely dependent on items they use in order to employ their Magic to begin with. As opposed to Caster Magic, this type of Magic comes in fewer numbers, although the number of Magic Items for this Magic is quite large.

Lost Magic

Lost Magic is, as suggested by its name, type of Magic which was banned from usage because of the extremely negative side-effects exerted on their users if used relentlessly. It includes both Holder and Caster Magic, and comes in different forms, most notably different types of Slayer Magic.

Unclassified Spells

Unclassified Spells refers to the spells which are too distinctive that they can't be put into any category of any of the mentioned types of Magic, i.e. their parent Magic is unknown.