Phoenix Grave
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Guild Master

Archer Amakusa

S-Class Mages

Isamu Kurusu
Alice Amakusa
Pyrrha Amakusa
Legretta Viola Lionelle Upton


Legal Mage

Phoenix Grave is a legal mage guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. It competed in the preliminary round of the X788 Grand Magic Games but failed to reach the finals. After a change in guild master and subsequent shift in guild objectives, they have begun to absorb other, smaller guilds, such as Howling Wolf. As a result of this they have managed to reach the finals of the X791 Grand Magic Games.




Name Rank Magic Status
Isamu Kurusu1st Guild MasterStrength Enhancement Magic, Super Armor, High Speed MagicActive
Archer Amakusa2nd Guild MasterSkeleton KeyActive
Alice AmakusaS-ClassStorm Dragon Slayer Magic plusActive
Pyrrha AmakusaS-ClassPolarity MagicActive
Legretta Viola Lionelle UptonS-ClassBerserk Enhancement MagicActive
Skyler FateburnMageVariousActive
Mace OrlandoMageTrace: The LancerActive
Heidy Marie Janice Orenstein IIIMageGlyph MagicActive
Wanda Scarlet Johansen Bella RoseMageSlash MagicActive
Clarice Helena Diana SpayMageShadow Clone MagicActive
Nancy Odin Raflessia AbaddonMageLightning MagicActive
Jin TobiasMageUnknownActive
Jiang LihuaMageSpirit Manipulation MagicTemporary
Li Xing-keMageChain MagicTemporary
Sayoko ShinozakiMageRequipTemporary
Zhou XianglinMageElemental Fist MagicTemporary
Kyle RegentMageSword MagicTemporary
Elizabeth SaturnMageLance MagicTemporary
Lucas SenshiroMageSword MagicTemporary

Absorbed Guilds


Battles and Events


  • The reason why the prominent members of the guild have references to RWBY is because of Draconichero21's interest in the series during that time.[1]


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