Sakuradite is a species of mineral found in both Earthland and Edolas, utilized for its property as a super-conductor.


Sakuradite appears typically as crystalline material with a cherry-blossom pink, waxy or silky luster, from which it gets its name.


Sakuradite is a very rare mineral ore in both Earthland and Edolas, however it is prized for its magic super-conductivity. As such it is not unusual to find it used in magic armor, Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker's Arthurian Armor being a prime example of its use in this capacity.

However, sakuradite is not devoid of hazards, specifically its high volatility. If exposed to air, sakuradite has a tendency to violently explode, therefore it is typically kept in a hermetically sealed state to reduce the risk.