Sun Lion Armor


Marianne Lamperouge
Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker[1]

Sun Lion Armor was a powerful armor able to reduce the power of all magic.[2] It was destroyed by Acnologia during the Guild War.[3]


The Sun Lion Armor was made completely of golden metal. Also, the breast guard is decorated with an image of a lion's head.[2]


Anti-Magic Properties: The armor had the ability to cut down all magic used against its wearer to one tenth of effectiveness.[2]

Repelling Abilities: This armor was shown to be able to repel certain forms of magic, such as Telekinesis.[2]


Sun Lion Axe: This special axe is able to absorb any energy-based projectile coming at the user, or even the very power of mages, should they not forcibly prevent their power from being absorbed.[2]

Shield: Like the breast plate, the center of this shield is ornamented by a picture of lion's head. When combined with axe and armor, the shield acts as an amplifier, multiplying magic power by a time and a half.[2]


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