The Ten Wizard Saints are a group of the most powerful, well respected and inspirational mages as selected by the Magic Council. They are considered to be figureheads of the Council and as such are expected to behave in a respectable manner. Wizard Saints are granted special privileges that are otherwise unavailable to normal mages.


Main Timeline

Mordred Timeline

Selection Process

To be granted the title of Wizard Saint, a Mage must be recognized by the Chairman of the Magic Council for their power and righteous behavior. There is no one typical archetype of Mage to become a Wizard Saint: Guild Masters, S-Class Mages, non-aligned Mages and even members of the Council can be considered for the title of Wizard Saint.[1]



Main Timeline

Name Rank Affiliation Status
God Serena1st - Active
Archer Amakusa2ndPhoenix GraveActive
Alysha Fateburn3rdMagic CouncilActive
Erza Scarlet-Knightwalker4thFairy TailActive
Kallen Kozuki5thKnightmare FrameActive
Suzaku Kururugi6thSabertoothActive
Draculos Hyberion7th - Active
Jellal Fernandes8thSerpent's HeartActive
Kagura Mikazuchi9thMermaid HeelActive
Jura Neekis10thLamia ScaleActive

Mordred Timeline

Name Rank Affiliation Status
Natsu Dragneel (Future)1stFairy TailActive
Jellal Fernandes (Future)UnknownSerpent's HeartActive
Kagura Mikazuchi (Future)UnknownMermaid HeelActive

Former Members

Name Rank Affiliation Reason for Leaving
Juren RakkanFormerly 1stAngel's FeatherResigned
WolfheimFormerly 3rd - Resigned
Warrod SequenFormerly 4thFairy TailResigned
Makarov DreyarFormerly 5thFairy TailPresumed Deceased
Talbumosuke AtrumierFormerly 6thKraken's EyeDeceased
Marianne LamperougeFormerly 6thKnightmare FrameExecuted
Vincent VermilionFormerly 6thPhilosopher's StoneDeceased
SiegrainFormerly 7thMagic CouncilRemoved
RaiFormerly 7th - Presumed Deceased
Nessa RevanatiFormerly 8thSerpent's HeartResigned
Kasumi AtrumierFormerly 9thKraken's EyeResigned
Jose PorlaFormerly 9thPhantom LordRemoved
Jiemma OrlandoFormerly 10thSabertoothRemoved
Leyla Lazuli[2]UnknownCracked GemstoneUnknown
Shyra KnightwalkerUnknown - Deceased



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