Vibraechosium is a species of mineral found in Ishgar that typically contains a high concentration of sound energy within it.[1]


Vibraechosium possesses a titanium-like luster with white stripes that typically run along the surface of a single edge of a loose specimen.[1]


As a mineral, vibraechosium is considered special for its high concentration of sound energy within it. As such, it is typically mined and refined for usage in sound-based holder magic items.[1]

Should it be consumed by a Dragon Slayer powerful enough to attain a Dual-Element mode, it grants them the power of sound as their second element.[1] In the case of Gajeel Redfox, it allows for his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic - when in Dual-Element mode - to cut through both diamond and adamantine: Minerals that iron is normally unable to scratch.[1]


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