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Minerva Orlando

The Yakuma 18 War Gods Magic is a type of summoning Magic created to summon the Gods of the extinct Yakuma Tribe of Warriors.


The Yakuma 18 War Gods Magic was created by the Yakuma, a tribe of warriors that revered 18 individual gods. The Yakuma used the magic to summon their gods from the immaterial plane during combat. In order to summon one of the gods, the caster must utter a chant in the native language of the Yakuma.

It is currently unknown how one goes about forging a contract with one of the 18; however, Minerva Orlando is known to be capable of summoning the 7th, 10th, 13th, 14th and 16th most powerful War Gods.[1]

Mages capable of using the Yakuma Magic consider it forbidden to summon any one of the four that represent the true terrors of life. For instance, it is said to summon the weakest of the four - Karthus Pentalus, the personification of death - is akin to embracing death; merely depicting the god is forbidden.[1]

Despite this however, according to Karthus himself, the incantation to summon him requires a life to be sacrificed; it does not stipulate that it must be the caster themselves that is sacrificed.[1]



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